Oesophageal Cancer

In oesophageal cancer patients (n=158) treated with radiotherapy and PSK (3 g/day) for >3 months, raised serum a-1-anti-chymotrypsin levels were associated with a higher survival rate at 5 years than the control group (55% versus 26%, p < 0.008)28.

Similarly, overall survival 5-years rate was also higher in patients with elevated serum sialic acid levels (58%  versus 31%, p <0.07)28. Overall survival rates of patients treated with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy with or without PSK were 42.2% (36/85) versus 35.7% (26/73) (p=0.0259) (Fig. 6).

There was a significant difference between patients treated with radiotherapy plus chemotherapy(31.5%(13/41) versus radiotherapy plus chemotherapy plus PSK(39.4% (19/49)( p= 0.0404). These results showed that oesophageal cancer patients benefited from radiotherapy and chemotherapy together with PSK especially those with raised serum levels of
tumour markers.

fig 6