Gastric Cancer

A well-designed multicentre trial published in The Lancet reported that patients (n=129) with Stages I-IV gastric carcinoma receiving a standard dose of PSK (3g/day) for 4 weeks alternating with chemotherapy for 10 cycles following curative resection of cancer significantly improved both the 5-year survival (73.0%(90/124) versus 60.0%(77/129) p=0.044) and the disease-free survival rates (70.7%(87/124) versus 59.4% (77/129), p=0.047) compared with those receiving chemotherapy only (n=124)26.(Figs. 5A and 5B). The study recommended the addition of PSK to standard chemotherapy for resected gastric cancer.

In a retrospective study of 872 patients with gastric cancer, abnormal serum levels of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and acute phase reactants (APR) were associated with better survival with PSK than those without PSK (29.3% vs 6.9%; p <0.0015)27. CEA-positive patients receiving PSK therapy showed a significantly better survival rate than those without
PSK (38.1% vs 18.6%, p =0.0136)27.

fig 5afig 5b